The beginning

Artistic MInds team was born in 2015, coinciding with the idea of developing Star Shift, the first video game on which the team will invest a lot of energy.
The team is led by William Giacinti (lead programmer) and Francesco Gucciardi (3D artist leader), always supported by the talented composer Diego Donati.

The Artistic Minds team were born as an independent group, always looking for new ideas and ambitious projects in the field of videogame development.

Over the years there will be many projects that the team will work hard on, ranging from complex games with Keemar to countless small projects for third parties including several games for mobile devices.

From 2015 to 2022 they mainly develop with the use of the most versatile engine of all, Unity 3D. This allows him to range between different genres and keep up with the times.



A look at the mobile gaming market

The excellent versatility of the Unity engine allows the team to focus on the market of video games for mobile devices.

Thus OKY was developed, the team’s first videogame dedicated to this market.



Development for mobile devices

The team is dedicated to the development of mobile applications and games.
They collaborate with various external companies, including Rainbow and others, for the development of video games, VR, iOS and Android.

Perfect Drunk (Anunnaky Productions) , Leap Up, Land of Keemar (ita), are some other application for mobile devices.

Not only games, but also management applications. Like Officina Arcade and many others.

In the meantime we never stop experimenting, an example is Estel.


Meeting the Writer

In January of 2021 they are contacted by G.Mc.Anton, a writer of fantasy books who already has two trilogies of fantasy books to his credit.
The author, fascinated by Estel demo, contacted the team to propose a collaboration.
The writer is fascinated by the team’s work and offers them the complete rights to his latest trilogy, Keemar, so that it can be transposed into a video game.
The team is looking for new developers who can support them in this work that promises to be very demanding.


New prospectives

During the Romics 2022 event, the team is approached by a group of guys who are delighted with the new features of the Unreal 5 engine.

Despite the first hesitations, the team decides to move on and start a new adventure in a completely new and unexplored development environment.
The decision was thus made to port Keemar – The Game, to Unreal 5.


A new Frontier

Unreal 5 opens up exciting new scenarios for the team.
The Keemar project is paused to give developers the opportunity to update their knowledge on the new engine.

Nothing teaches better than experience.
This is how the new 3:00 AM project was born, a first-person horror game with advanced graphics, full of puzzles, atmosphere and…. fear!