Keemar – The Game is a video game under development for PC and consoles, loosely based on the books by Keemar and the adventures of Reogard and his companions.

The Keemar books are a work of G.Mc.Anton, italian fantasy novels writer.

It is a true fantasy RPG, realistic and mature.
In third-person view, guide Reogard, a fallen paladin, in search of her love Amion and a way to save her life.

To talk about the Keemar videogame, we need to start from afar, or rather from the origins of the novel “The Demons of Eukora” on which the Keemar project lays its foundations. Published by Edizioni Ciliegio, a small publishing house in central Italy, the fantasy saga of Eukora tells the story of a group of characters very well characterized by the author, G.McAnton. This was his first trilogy of fantasy books, published in 2012. Only years later did he decide to distort his novel by creating an alternative and localized version that would immerse his readers in the environments that most inspired his creativity, namely the Montiazzurri area, Lake Fiastra and the most characteristic areas of central Italy which boast a very rich and articulated medieval history.
The novel Keemar is therefore set in a world that mixes real places and events with the most imaginative gothic-fantasy atmospheres.

Hints to History

Death, love and hate....

You won’t find the villain or hero archetype in the classic sense in this trilogy. You will see Keemar through the eyes of the protagonists, you will understand their needs, their motivations. You will side with them because each one represents an intimate part of us, our frailties, fears and hopes. Therefore, you will hardly support Lothori who, to maintain order and peace in Keemar, has summoned a demon in the body of the unaware Amion to use as a weapon to get rid of Morgenshein and his people of Necromancers once and for all. You will not hate Morgenshein who, for fear of being swept away, has in turn summoned a demon because Morgenshein’s only desire is to restore dignity to the people of her seen in a bad way by those who think like Lothori. Deep down, he just wants to offer anyone the chance to live even after death.

These characters blend perfectly in a plot full of twists and turns in which you will feel taken by the hand, accompanied inside the Keemar, by each of the heroes while the world around is in flames. And when you reach the epilogue, you will realize that you have been deceived like all the protagonists of the novel. 

And he bellowed:
I don’t want to die!
The necromancer replied:
Don’t worry, you won’t die… by the way, not forever.

The Gameplay

Explore an amazing world....

The game is a single player action-fantasy that does not stray too far from the typical RPG elements, such as character growth, the ability to change weapons and armor, use items, solve puzzles and engage in dialogues that will lead the player to know the story of the novel and the complex personalities of the main characters. For short stretches of the game you can also impersonate the “companion” of the main character, with very different characteristics and fighting style from the paladin. 

For example Black Petal is an assassin, a friend of the protagonist, who possesses special abilities, or Amion, the beloved of Reogard, a girl of elven origins with very powerful magical talents. Reogard himself can unleash magic derived from an entity that must remain hidden from the public for now.
There will be end-of-level bosses and all the typical elements of this genre.

The game will not be an open-word but the story of the novels will be covered, while having a certain freedom to turn around very large levels full of secondary elements that can optionally be discovered by the player. The settings will range from open scenarios taken directly from the Sibillini mountains (via google maps) to underground dungeons, buildings and caves.

The Development

Another ambitious project...

Keemar development started in June 2020 with Unity 3D engine.
William Giacinti (modeller and programmer with twenty-four years of experience) and Francesco Gucciardi (graphics modeller) they meet the fantasy writer G.Mc.Anton and a partnership of mutual admiration is born immediately that pushes them to collaborate on a common project.

So Keemar is yes a video game based on a fantasy novel, but it’s also a comic book, annual physical events, miniatures and cosplayers and an ever growing community.

The determination of the author and the success of the books have led to the birth of physical events, meetings with fans and initiatives on the places where the novel is set. Over the years the initiative (sponsored by the Marche region) has grown more and more, until it is considered a unique event of its kind in Italy which in recent years has attracted many fantasy lovers to Lake Fiastra, to participate in small tournaments, guided tours and fun contests on the fantasy theme. The last event dating back to 2019, (due to Covid the 2020 event was skipped) attracted people even from Piedmont and Sicily up to more than 5000 admissions in two days.

Keemar’s video game has been in planning since February 2021, We have just started drafting the story that will gradually retrace that of the novel, laying its foundations on  Reogard, owner of supernatural powers whose origin he ignores…