Developed in 2018 in Unity 3d, Oky is a mobile video game created in which you will guide a baby T-Rex in search of its mother, kidnapped by none other than… by aliens!

Are we sure it was an asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs?
It seems like no!

65 million years ago an alien race invaded our planet and found itself facing a fearful but courageous little dinosaur.

Inspired by the classic 90s, the game follows the story of a little T-Rex who will have to climb towers to reach the highest point.

Along the way he will encounter many enemies to fight with.
Not only aliens, but also humans who will be controlled by aliens!
There’s just no peace for Oky!

Oky will be able to count on all kinds of power-ups, he will be able to increase the strength of his jump, his running speed and he will even learn to shoot fire with a small dragon!

Break the eggs by jumping on them and find out how to power up little Oky.

The Gameplay

Go higher and higher...

The aliens have landed on Earth, but they won’t have it easy.

Maybe they thought they could raid anywhere undisturbed.
But that won’t be the case!
How can a little puppy defeat an alien invasion?
With a lot of courage and determination.

When Oky sees her mother kidnapped, his predatory instinct is triggered and he will find a way to reach his mother and save her.

To do this he will have to climb towers, increasingly higher and with different settings, but that’s not all!

He will also have to go through levels in classic horizontal platform style and fight with huge monsters at the end of the level!

The Development

Game developed in one year...

Currently Oky is not available on the store due to Google Play policy change in the 2019.
The game makes use of external databases that are no longer supported by the Google store.

It is possible that the game will be converted and re-enabled to be available again.