UNREAL 5: Our new development platform for PC and consoles games.

A new adventure is starting for the Artistic Minds, new horizons and infinite possibilities.

After ten years of using the fantastic Unity 3D engine, we are about to make the leap to a new system.
From today, Unreal 5 will represent the reference platform for the development of video games intended for high-level machines such as PCs and latest generation consoles.
However, Unity 3D will remain a basic tool for developing 2D and mobile applications.

G.McAnton is looking for new financiers in Italy.

The Keemar Project sees the development of a video game based on the books by G.McAnton. The trilogy is totally set in the areas of the Marche (Italy) affected by the 2016 earthquake with the intention of illuminating those lands with a different light, indeed a fantastic light!

Three books to immerse you in a parallel world with really existing outlines, where the characters are ready to welcome you to let you live their adventures. A novel set in the heart of the Mar-kee where through periodic events anyone can personally meet the Necromancer, the general of the Dwarves, the Half-Orc or the assassin Black Petal… A story in which the reader can finally immerse himself, savor the same things as the heroes, fight alongside them, visit battle sites. In short, Keemar is not just a book but a portal to a parallel place where you can be the protagonists of a fantasy adventure, as any of us has always dreamed of…

Many councilors and mayors of the area have already signed up to support the project and many others are about to do so.