On a hot summer italian day, in June of 2015, four young developers with a common passion have come together to give life to their dreams.
Artistic Minds are born.

The first project is a platform for Android and iOS mobile devices, inspired by the great classics like Super Frog and Nebulus: OKY.

Their most ambitious projectis is a space simulator inspired by ’90s titles but with cutting-edge graphics and innovative features: STAR SHIFT.

Through the stars, their dream is coming true, step by step.
New ideas, passion, tenacity and the desire to prove to everyone that anyone who has a dream, can make it happen.

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William Giacinti begins to disassemble computers at age 13. Since the first use of the Commodore machines his passion for video games is geared towards the creative aspect.
The desire to create a “pixel world of his own” led him to study the first aspects of programming and 3D graphics.

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It specializes in modeling beginning to use 3D Studio R4 for dos. The passage from the pre-rendered graphics than real-time was natural.
In 2001 he wrote a highly successful guide for Microsoft XNA framework, aimed at those who had never tried to plan but as he had a recurring dream to create a video game.
Ensued also a guide for the 3DS Max, for anyone who had never tried to model first.
He works for a long time as a creator of dynamic web sites, flash, php, database … But this work does not realize it as he would like.
The switch to Unity 3D engine gave greater boost to your creativity. After a few months gave birth to Liquidum, a sucess asset for Unity. They followed by many other works, such as asset Blurred Tires and Isometrium asset, up to the decision to create a team for the creation of the world which he had never forgotten.
Are being created the Artistic Minds.
Technological skills:

– Programming languages: C #, Actionscript, Javascript, XNA framework, HTMP, php, SQL and other.

– Autodesk 3D Studio (Modelling, texturing, rigging, animation)

– Adobe Photoshop
(texture, sprites, logos and map creation)

– Unity 3D
(Depth knowledge of all aspects of Engine. Five years of intensive programming experience)

– Game designers
(plots, storyboards and quests development)

William [WILEz] Giacinti personal site:



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Lead Programmer
Game Design
Level Editor
Environment/Props 3D Modelling
Materials/Shaders Programmer
2D Graphic/Menu/Logos

Snice 2006 Francesco Gucciardi worked to become a visual artist in 3D videogames field.
To achieve his aim, during these years He studied by him-self and took part to a course of Comix on Autodesk MAYA software.

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He worked as a trainee in several Companies to improve his skills and abilities, having the chance to improve also his knowledge in this field.
He’s still working and keeping up-to-date in new technologies (softwares, game engines, etc…) for next-gen games.
Now he’s working on a game project together with the Artistic Minds team. Thanks to their love for videogames they’ve decided to work together creating videoludical products and PC/Console games.

Technological skills:

– Autodesk Maya and MayaLT (Modelling, texturing, rigging, animation, mocap)

– Adobe Photoshop
(texture and map creation)

– Pixologic Zbrush
( hi-poly modelling, retopology, detailing exporting, map exporting)

– Unity 3D
(working on exporting models, characters and shaders)

– CryEngine
( creation of assets, character importing, maps creation, Flow Graph creation)

– Quixel Suite
(Creation of PBR map for rendering Engine)


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Ships 3D Models
Props 3D Models
Characters 3D Models

TC is responsible for analyzing the design and development of softwares, for about 10 years in desktop management field and web now oriented on application development to the new mobile business models.


Personal e-mail:

Game Programmer
Web Programmer
MiniGames Programmer

Diego Donati is graduated in ” Classic guitar ” with highest class honour, then he totally dedicated his time to studies of jazz guitar, and attended masterclass with national and international famous musician.

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In 2013 i he degree in” Arranging and conducting for jazz orchestra”, at the same time he have worked in varius music schools teaching guitar.

he also worked with many jazz musician in trio , quartet and orchestra, he recorded with the Bad gang big band the album ” On the A train” after that we have the opportunity to perform in many theater and go on a tour in Portugal, his last collaboration in 2014 is the album “Going nowhere enjoiyng the ride” of Milo Lombardi, he work also as jazz arranger and composer, in fact in 2013 he take part and he reach the final in “Barga Jazz” a famous and prestigious competition of arranging and composition.

A big passion for films and videogames oriented his musical path , so he started to compose and create indie game and short film soundtrack.

Diego Donati personal web site:

Diego Donati soundcloud link:


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Music and Soundtrack