Star Shift born as a simulation of space combat, inspired by the old classics of the 90s, such as Wing-Commander and Frontier.
Innovative features of Star Shift are many. It can in fact land on planets, make mine operations, buy new items to be mounted on your spaceship and explore an infinite universe, full of mysteries and unexplored areas.

You are Kaleb, an extraordinary space pilot but not inclined to follow etiquette and rules. You will be called to face space piracy, mercenaries and a looming threat for the entir known sector universe.
Fight and save your race from extinction!

And... Star Shift will also FPS-style sessions!
Star Shift is a infinitely large universe, filled of unexplored areas, mysteries, opportunity and military actions.
Made with Unity 5 and latest generation graphic effects.



An important survey is open!
Kaleb needs a surname. Choose it!
We want to involve the players also to the writing of the game, so you can vote in the poll to choose the surname of Kaleb!
You can also choose more than one, that with the most votes will be chosen and used in the game.
Choice the surname of our hero!
You can vote here: Choose a Kaleb's surname.

On 05/18/2016 the survey was closed.
Were selected Konnors and Delacourt surnames who arrive at the end of the survey nearly on a par.
The Artistic-Minds reserve the right to choose between them.
Thank you all for the support!