First, thanks for your interest
We are working with passion and dedication to provide users with a more complete product.


But, what is the purpose of the funds?
– Recruitment of new members of the development team. More people at work and more features we can have.
– More ships, more sectors and star systems, more quest and missions, walking sessions and much more..
– More minigames (there will be present real cabinet games in the stations, to play with and rise through the ranks of online scores)
– License payments of the various programs used to develop the game.
– Payment of various advertising channels.
– Purchase of various gadgets to send to backers.
– Event organization for the game launch.

What advantages will have who will help the development?
-All backers will have the game at a lower price, before the official launch.
– Backers will customize the entire game (first of the official game release launch).
Entire systems, ships, space stations, robots, AI pilots….will have the names decided by backers! You will give your name (or one of your choice) to a several fundamental elements of the game.

– Early access to “Cheats” and bonus levels, characters, abilities, and items.
-There will also be different game gadgets.
– Multiple copies of the game to give as gifts.
-Invitations to a VIP party for the project.
– The backer’s name listed in the finished product, game credits and on our project’s website.
– Autographed (by team) desktop or facebook wallpaper, poster and soundtrack.
-Many other surprises…

only together can we make it

Want you to help without a donation? We’ll be grateful.
Thank you from now to anyone will help us to spread our project.
Create links to the official page of the game or just talk to friends.
We need the support of anyone who can help us.
Because it is useless to have a good product if nobody knows about it.

                                                       THANK YOU